Who Is Maceo William? Son Of Jesse Williams

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Maceo William is known as a well-known son. He is famous for the name of his dad, Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams is an American actor as well as a producer, director, and activist. Maceo is born on the 13th of October the year 2015. His birthday falls in the month of October. The name of his mother is Aryn Drake-lee. She was employed by real estate firms. Maceo William additionally has an older sister. His sister’s name is Sadie Willams. Both of them were raised together with their mother following their parents split up. They were Johanna Chase and Reginald Williams.


Before Maceo’s Birth:

Maceo’s father Jesse along with his mother Aryn Drake-Lee were both in the same relationship. They began dating on a casual basis in 2007. After a lengthy period of time in a relationship couple, they were able to decide to marry. After being together for over five years and then they got married on the 1st of September in 2012.

After one couple of years, Aryn was pregnant with Jesse’s child. In the middle of December 2013, The couple had their first child, Sadie. Following the birth of this baby, the angel was born, and they were able to welcome Maceo William in the midst of two years. Maceo was born in October 2015.


Parent’s Divorce After Maceo’s Birth

At the time Maceo arrived, everybody in the family was extremely happy. Everyone was always eager to welcome the new baby. 

After 18 months after the birth of their son, his parents filed for divorce.

In April of 2017, the husband and ex-wife made the decision to separate.

After their separation, Maceo William with his sister Sadie moved in with their mother Aryn.

After a period of time, after declaring their divorce, Aryn did not allow Jesse to see the children and the couple began to argue about custody of their children. Aryn admitted to the judge the fact that Jesse is always hectic and unpredictability in his work schedule and that’s why the father of his children was not taking care of his kids properly. Aryn also stated that Jesse was unable to be able to take care of the children without the assistance of their nanny. After hearing all of their comments about Aryn, Jesse denied things and claimed that he’s always worked hard to keep his friendship with his children.



Maceo is age Eight today. He is the son of Jesse and has reached the age of 40.


Net Worth:

Maceo is a child without a source of income, however, his dad, Jesse, has a net worth of 12 million dollars. He earns this sum through acting or producing as well as producing and directing.

After finishing his time on Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse did not make the same amount of money that he had previously. Because of a lower income of $1668 a week, which is an enormous contrast from the amount was his previous income and he asked to lower support. The amount of support was enormous at $40,000 per month, which was not easy to pay.

After the legal procedure, the court ruled that Jesse makes lesser than he used to earn during his time in the Broadway production Take Me Out.

Following Jesse’s inquiry, the justices determined that Jesse was no longer required to pay the massive amount of $40 thousand dollars.

In April of 2022, the judge cut the amount of support by a factor of 6,613 from the original 40000 dollars. The court also ruled that Jesse was to pay half of the amount at the beginning of the month while the other half would have to be paid after 15 days.


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