Who is Jeff Lazkani And About Everything

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Who is Jeff Lazkani?

Jeff Lazkani is the managing director of Icon Media Direct, which was founded at the age of 2000 by his mom, Nancy Lazkani, currently serving as the CEO of the company. As per the profile on his LinkedIn page, he’s been employed by the company for 16 years and progressed to his current position through perseverance and commitment to the company. He started his career at the company as an assistant traffic coordinator. He was appointed the Managing Partner of the company in 2021. In addition to the role, he was an event director at Red Cross Blood Services, was a member of the advisory board for BWG Strategy, and is an active member of the Questex committee. He is also known as the spouse of Chelsea Lazkani, a real estate agent, and the star of “Selling Sunset..’


How tall is Jeff Laszkani?

Jeff Lazkani is an attractive man who has a slim appearance. He is tall with a height of 6 toes. His weight is spherical 55-60 kg. His totally different body measurement is not available in the meantime. He keeps his body in shape by preparing it regularly and is very mindful of the food he eats. In the end, he’s got a healthy and fit body at present. The color of his hair and eyes coloration are all black. Additionally, he has a medium-length beard. He wears a spectacle that is inserted with great success.


Personal life/early living

Jeff Lazkani was born on February 18, 1982, in California. At the time of writing, 2022, he’s sliced off the 40th birthday cake. He is an American from Libya and his ethnicity is mixed as his family members have Libyan ancestral roots. The man is Christian the zodiacal sign of Aquarius is his.

As for his family, His parents divorced when he was just a young child. This meant that the child was raised by his mother, a single woman Nancy Lazkani. His mother was employed by an advertising company. His mother was the founder of Icon Media Direct in 2000. There is also one sibling, in the form of a sister, Sara Lazkani. Jeff has an associate’s degree in management, business administration, and operations from the University of San Diego. University of San Diego (2002-2005).


Who is Jeff Lazkani Wife?

Jeff Lazkani wife netfilerz.com
Jeff Lazkani wife netfilerz.com

Jeff happily married his gorgeous partner, Jeff Lazkani. Their romance started in the year 2017 and they were married on the 12th August of 2017. Chelsea together with Jeff is also the proud parents of their two children their son Maddox Ali Lavon Lazkani (born 15 January 2019) and daughter, Melia Iman Lazkani (born 11 November 2020). As a professional, Chelsea is a precise businesswoman, property agent Instagram influencer and social media reality TV personality, and entrepreneur. As of right now, Jeff and Chelsea are enjoying their current life with no disturbances. The family of joy is living in Los Angeles, California, the USA the present. Jeff is straight because of their sexuality.


Who are the Parents of Jeff Lazkani?

The birth date was February 18th, 1982. Jeff is from California in the USA. He has cut down his fortieth cake by 2022. The American-Libyan is his citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity as his family comes from Libya. According to his religious beliefs, he is Christian as well as his Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.

Concerning his family, The parents of his father and mother split when he was young. So, the child was raised by his mother alone, Nancy Lazkani. Her mother worked at a selling company. As of 2000, the mom was primarily employed by Icon Media Direct. In addition, he has a sister; Sara Lazkani, his sister. Jeff graduated from the University of San Diego with Jeff graduated with a BBA at The University of San Diego (2002-2005) with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, administration, and operations.


Is Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani Still Friends?

Despite the fact that they ended Season 5 on amicable terms Chelsea Lazkani and Christine Quinn don’t appear to keep in touch via social media. This means it’s possible that they’ll become friends in the near future. Even though Chelsea made friends with other members of the group, however, her bond with Christine was especially important to her. The other one was Christine. Christine had recently been in contact with Chelsea and was wary to put their relationship at the risk of being a victim of war. Based on the things they had said it was clear that they were able to fight the odds together as a team. they formed an impressive property partnership.

Additionally, during the fifth season, Christine and Chelsea became closer, because Chelsea did not seem to be concerned about Christine’s fame and opted instead acquainted with her on a deeper personal level. Christine and Chelsea seem to be happy with their current state of isolation and are more concerned about spending time with their families. Due to their unique bond and the strength of their bond which grew throughout the time of Season 5, it is likely that they remain in contact today.


He’s an avid Basketball enthusiast.

Jeff is a huge basketball player and, as an Angeleno, He is a fan of his team, the Los Angeles Lakers.



Chelsea Lazkani in Northwest London and graduated with a degree in Business Economics from Buckingham in 2013. She is currently an independent writer. At present, she works as a freelance writer. At this point when she decided to further her education and enroll in the University of Dundee in Scotland and earned an undergraduate diploma from the department of International Oil and Gas Management in the year 2015.

In June of 2016, Chelsea was employed as Business Strategist for Applied LNG, where she was previously employed in the Solar Analysis department, and as an assistant to the Director of Operations at NRG Clean Power. Chelsea holds more than ten years ‘ experience in the energy field.

Chelsea On, however, quickly realized her real enthusiasm for the field of real estate. After graduation at the end of her high school education in July of 2017, Rodeo Realty Inc. located in Encino, Los Angeles, was the first business she worked for as a Real Estate Agent. Chelsea was employed for nearly three years working in her first property office, which was located within New York City, where she was taught the ropes. Chelsea made the choice to join the Oppenheimer group of companies in 2021. A People magazine interview with Chelsea disclosed that she took the decision to leave her previous agency and go after reality TV because she considered it an opening for her to “really open doors” in an industry that has historically not been diverse and in which minorities have been overlooked.

As Chelsea explained her hopes, she said she could contribute something back to her community and also aid in the advancement of career prospects of women from Africa in the high-end real estate market. In the spring of this calendar year, Chelsea Lazkani and Jeff Lazkani made their vows to each other for the wedding. The couple is now the very proud parents of two beautiful kids, Maddox Ali Lavon and Melia Man in the wake of having their kids.

Additionally, Jeff has achieved a lot of accomplishments in his professional career. After completing his bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of San Diego in the same year, Jeff began working with Icon Media Direct in the autumn of 2005. Despite being a part of the company since Jeff began his career as the Traffic Coordinator Jeff has quickly risen into the ranks and is now a Managing Partner. In spite of the fact, that Jeff is in a top position and Chelsea is working in the areas of reality TV and real estate The couple has managed to make a good salary for themselves.


Jeff Lazkani’s Net Worth:

Based on Jeff’s outstanding professional background and the current position he holds it is likely that his net worth of approximately $100,000 that’s a conservative estimate. Chelsea however, who is the opposite is striving to make herself a popular property agent in Los Angeles. Los Angeles real estate market. Chelsea is believed to have an estimated net worth of $500,000, which puts both her husband’s net worth at nearly $600,000. This is likely because of her success in the Oppenheim group, as and also the extra income she earns from her appearance on the show ‘Selling Sunset.’


Physical Appearance:

Jeff Lazkani is a slim physique and is a beautiful man. He is tall at 6’3. His weight ranges from 55 to 60 kilograms. The other measurements of his body are not available at the moment. He takes care of his body by regularly exercising and monitoring what food he consumes. He is generally an excellent body. His hair as well as his eyes are dark. Also, he has beards of medium length. He wears glasses which look great on his.


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