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shattered throne map

The Shattered Throne Map:

The Shattered Throne is a challenging place to explore and this is without even being aware of the difficulty. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing it in your first attempt with experienced players or trying to conquer it in Destiny 2, the game’s first Dungeon Map is a major advantage Shattered Throne Map is the nearest thing Destiny 2 has to a prison. While Strikes are specific missions designed to build the player, this Shattered Throne is more like an attack that’s smaller than what you’d expect that focuses on two managers who have incredible mechanics and the ability to run in a variety of circumstances. It’s also only accessible only once (per player) regularly. If you’re not interested in fighting, Shattered Throne is presumably one of the most effective actions to play that can be played both to steal as well as to have a good time. This guide will figure out how you can beat every section of the prison by providing tips to make the most basic experience a lot more enjoyable.

To begin your journey first, you’ll need to travel to the prison’s entrance. The most efficient method of getting there to the Shattered Throne Map is to head straight from the area of arrival for the Dreaming City and then stray to the left side of the partition. Keep your feet up until you get to the massive structure where the Oracle was located. On the other side, there is an extension that is close to the cliff, and then downwards. Continue this route until you reach an entrance. Explore it and then continue along the corridors until you can see a living thing with a tiny light source that is passing through the room. The Shattered Throne entry point is located in the back of the room. Make reference to this GIF in the event that you’re lost:


Part I: The Labyrinth

While you’re in the Ascendant Realm You’ll require an outline map. Therefore, I created one. It’s probably superior to those MS Paint ones that are being circulated. The map depicts the first and most difficult section in the Shattered Throne Map, also called the labyrinth due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult. Be sure to clean the seven temples on our map within the labyrinth. Also, make sure you do it in a specific method. Each time, the sequence differs, which is why it’s crucial to understand how the temples connect to one another. This is why you’ll always begin and end in the lower or middle temple, which is marked with the “dive-bird” symbol.

Once you have started the battle, continue straight until you arrive at the temple of the diving bird. After that, you must eliminate the yellow bar ultra in the temple’s inside. Another symbol will appear on the ground at a certain moment. It is visible on the maps. Go to the temple the next. You can find your return route to the cathedral of the diving bird using our maps. Continue this process until you are back to the cathedral of the diving bird. The boss will disappear. In this instance, take it down it in order to collect the powerful loot. Go on to the next section. A lot of people find it difficult to remain where they are in this scenario. It’s not too difficult to kill temple bosses on your own. They can be killed without difficulty. Taken Thralls and Taken Phalanxes can be seen on the ground, as well as on floating platforms so be careful looking for the reason. It’s helpful to be wary of Hobgoblins who are taken. They’ll be everywhere in the labyrinth and you must be particularly cautious. They’ve abruptly ended single-player runs which were better as opposed to bosses. I’m going to tell you this. Otherwise, stick to your map, and then shoot slow.


Part 2 The Hike (Destiny 2)

The next segment flashes back to the initial Destiny’s Crota’s End raid. It’s simply a corridor that is filled with the specter of Shadow Thrall. Your sole goal is to complete the entire dungeon however, you’ll be imprisoned all the time so you aren’t able to run jump, double jump, or regenerate your health. To fully demolish this dungeon all you require is your preferred source of alternative healing, like the Warlock healing rift and an Exotic Worm husk Crown, Hunter Exotic Worm husk Crown and Crimson, the Exotic Hand Cannon Crimson. Keep contact with each other and hug the wall to the left and grab W. The process isn’t too difficult. If you’re caught in a tight spot then make sure you throw an AoE grenade. Find an endpoint of the hallway, and leap through the glistening barrier to gain access to a tiny chamber. Continue to the cathedral for the next chapter.


Part 3: Forget The Boundless Hunger

It’s time to take on Shattered Throne Map’s first boss. Forget is a massive Taken Ogre guarded by four Wizards each with their own armies of enemies. The aim of the battle is to take out Vorgeth’s Wizard guards, collect the orbs that they drop, and put all four spheres inside an arena’s lamp. Vorgeth’s shield is reduced, allowing you to attack him. Let’s review the battle because reaching this stage requires an extensive amount of planning and shooting. You’ll be encircled by two Wizards as you begin to descend from the left and another in the opposite direction on your left. The four Taken players who guard each Wizard–two Goblins and two Vandals–will use shields, and you’ll have to fight the Goblins first. Make use of the pillars right of where you began the game to defend yourself against Vorgeth along with the Wizard. You’re trying to eliminate the Wizard to your left as fast as you can So don’t be scared to hit it with your hammer.

If the Wizard dies and dies, a purple orb gets dropped, and it grants an opponent the petitioner’s Mark buff. To put out a lamp you’ll require four stacks of this perk, however, you’ll lose them all when you die. In addition, it is possible to die unless you are given a fresh orb, and you can renew your buff once every 45 minutes. Also, you’ll get 45 seconds from the time you grab an orb to take out any subsequent Wizard. 

With this in mind, put off grabbing one orb. Instead, focus on the Wizard who is next as well as his guard. Take the sphere and push up, moving counterclockwise around the arena after you’ve killed some of them. This method reduces the amount of time you are able to spend in the game, while also reducing the risk of being exposed to Vorgeth. At the end of the hole, you’ll find a straight path. Anything with a good range can help you get rid of the Taken Vandals that shoot towards you from the sky. There’s nothing else you could do. You can keep moving forward. When you get to the top, there’s another miniboss standing in front of the door that is huge. It’s clear what to do. This door leads to an extensive corridor that is lined with a bridge that is broken that runs through the middle. The Taken Hobgoblins and Knights are located around the walls and the Taken Phalanx can be found on the bridge. You’ll require bows or sniper rifles or any other long-range weapon. Most Hobgoblins and Knights are easily identified. Most Hobgoblins and Knights can be easily identified from the entrance. As you push against the wall of the room cut off a Phalanx within the middle and leap over the bridge.

Before climbing, you must attack the remaining Hobgoblins, then follow the left side. It’s time to experience more terrifying platforming that’s which is influenced by Dark Souls. You’ll be in a huge cavern that is dotted with thin beams. (Destiny) It is recommended to enter the doorway to the left of the chamber and avoid being a victim of death as you might have guessed. Then, Ogres appear on round platforms when you climb upwards. They will take you off within a matter of seconds so make sure to be prepared with your sniper immediately you spot or hear the being spawned. Take them out of their reach. They will rotate. Taken orbs can appear on the platforms however, you can avoid them by strategically jumping between beams. The game should reach its end quickly if you take on the Ogres quickly and pay attention to your leaps. Bring a void weapon with a long-range because the Wizards have no shields. If you are in a team, nearly any weapon will do as it is the Hammerhead machine gun will eat each of the Wizards along with Vorgeth. You can also take on this fight using The Subtle Calamity void energy bow. Goblins and Vandals will be one-shot, however, the Wizards’ shields are two-shot. You may also look for shelter when charging the shot You can move from Wizard to Wizard by synchronizing your orbs to the right time.

Once a sphere has been obtained, everyone receives Petitioner stacks. This means that only one person is required to make it through the entire phase. The bonus you earn will change to Petitioner’s Burden once you’ve completed the four spheres. Now is the time to ignite the lanterns. You can move up to one kilometer from the location where Vorgeth is currently then extinguish it and return toward DPS Vorgeth. It is believed that the Whisper of the Worm and machine guns are very powerful in this particular area. To gain supers, you can use Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun, Chaos Reach, or Well of Radiance. Titans can utilize Melting Point and Hammer of Sol to fight. In this mode, Vorgeth will fire volleys of shadow orbs that home in on you,(destiny) injuring you should you not take them down. If you are in the position of needing to do so, designate someone else as an orb-wrangler. It’s not necessary to kill three orbs in order for you to remain safe, though shooting all four of them isn’t too bad. You’re safe from the orbs when you’re in the well of radiant. Destiny

In the initial DPS cycle, you should try to take out Vorgeth. Second Wizard rotation is much more difficult because you’ll be exposed after the DPS cycle ceases. If you don’t immediately assassinate him, you can take covers, melt the next Wizard and begin working in reverse clockwise order. Your stuff will be available at the time Vorgeth passes away.


Part 4: Dul Incaru (beyond light)

The rest of the way is long but easy. There are plenty of opponents and some dangerous jumps made with boppers mounted on walls that can knock you off ledges. However, it’s not a new idea or a sophisticated one. Beware of the villains and continue climbing. Then you’ll reach a tiny temple area that is home to the Shattered Throne Map final boss, Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return. Let’s review the mechanics. She’s a lot easier to fight than Vorgeth However, she’s quite a different type of fight. Three Taken Champions, that’s big ass knights that guard Dul Incaru. When the three Champions die they drop orbs which you’ll require for you to DPS Dul Incaru. (Destiny) Because the boost that these orbs provide is temporary Try to kill the three Champions at once, and then take their balls. Dul Incaru will summon crystals in the rear of the room, which makes the Champions immune if you take on the Champions for over a long period of time.

If this occurs, eliminate the crystal as fast as you can with a shotgun, and then return back to Champions. The Psions that are taken will appear throughout the game and, if left to themselves they’ll increase in number and will be destroyed when possible. The tiny arena is the biggest problem in this game. It’s not very secure from Dul Incaru’s attacks and is tiny enough that you cannot escape The Taken Champions. As soon as the action begins you should exit the entranceway in front and shift to the side to have more protection. Because Champions are easily shot at, Whisper of the Worm is the perfect weapon to take them down. Also, it staggers them.

Begin to destroy Dul Incaru when you’ve got all three orbs, at least two, though three is the best. Utilize identical weapons and techniques as you did with Vorgeth. This fight comes with a significant benefit, and you’ll definitely get her going regardless of what weapon you choose to employ. For example, with just three orbs Whisper of the Worm can deal one million damage to every headshot. Dull is likely to die soon after receiving the final orb, assuming everything goes as planned. Voila! The Shattered Throne Map is now smashed. Try it out yourself. You can then try it out without death on your own. The methods in this guide are effective for groups as well as one-on-one players. So best of luck.


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