Sauvage Dior Dossier.Co Review

Sauvage Dior Dossier.Co Review

Sauvage Dior evaluated the product and found it authentic and high-quality. The product’s brand value and natural scent are well-received and it is very popular. There were some complaints about the product’s price. However, price is an opinion matter. Prices can vary widely from one person to another so you need to decide what is most important.


Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage Dossier Dupes is a less expensive alternative to Dior Sauvage perfume. They have the exact same scent but are made with safer, more natural ingredients. This dupe is great for Aromatic Star Anise. It produces similar notes, but it is not as harsh. We will be discussing other benefits of Sauvage Dior in this article.

Sauvage can be very costly. Sauvage 100ml bottles cost USD104 Which is significantly less than high-end perfumes. This is a great choice for people on a budget because it’s much less expensive than high-end perfumes. You can also test it before buying. Both men and women love it for its versatility.

According to Dior Sauvage’s official website, the collection represents vast landscapes. Francois Demachy was the perfumer. The fragrance is described as “clean, earthy, and aristocratic”, and carefully selects natural elements. Ambroxan, a compound made of rare ambergris, and Calabria Bergamot are the two main ingredients in this fragrance.


Dossier Aromatic Star Anise

Dossier Aromatic star Anisa can be used as a cheaper alternative to Sauvage Dior Although it has a similar scent, it is made with all-natural ingredients. It is, therefore, more affordable. Aromatic Star Anise can also be used to dupe Dior Sauvage as it has similar notes, but is not too harsh. This scent can be used by both women and men.

Sauvage’s complex fragrance can overwhelm if it is used in combination with other fragrances. Sauvage can be mixed with other fragrances which is a great thing. Sauvage is not the only fragrance on the market. There are many similar scents. There is sure to be one that you like. Its downside is the price.

The Dior Sauvage perfume has an elegant, timeless scent with main accords that are both spicy and aromatic. It has scents of citrus and lavender as well as wood, musky, musky, and musky. There are also hints of pepper. This fragrance can be worn by both men and women, and it is suitable for all seasons. To test the Dossier version, you can find out if it suits your needs.


Calabria bergamot

According to Dior’s official website, this perfume expresses its “landscapes.” It is composed of carefully selected natural ingredients. It is described as being rich and earthy. Calabria Bergamot’s fresh scents are blended with ambroxan, a compound made of rare ambergris. It is believed that it invokes “awe and love.”

Calabria Bergamot was inspired by large landscapes. This is a fresh, masculine fragrance. It’s richly scented in ambroxan, an extract of the rare ambergris plant. This versatile scent can be used by all women regardless of their age, skin color, lifestyle, or gender.

It is strong and aromatic. It is very popular with women. The strong floral and citrus blend is safe for all skin types. It can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Before you buy, make sure to consult a Naturopath if you have any concerns about the safety of the fragrance. You will be pleased with the results!

Review of the Dior Sauvage Dossier. The co website says that the product contains natural components, which can cause reactions in some people. It’s possible for natural ingredients to cause allergic reactions, so it is not recommended for everyone. Despite negative reviews, Sauvage Dior still has a high brand worth. The company’s Co is very high and they have a vibrant social media presence.



Ambroxan Sauvage is a woody fragrance from the Perfumes and Fragrances Collection by Dior. The top notes include pepper and bergamot. It has a mix of floral scents, including elemi and vetiver in the middle notes. These floral notes add elegance.

The fragrance is extremely popular but has a short life span. This fragrance is not suitable for all. can be a great way to save money. If you are interested in buying a Dior perfume, you can check out the reviews from other perfume lovers. You can compare different perfumes by reading reviews.

Ambroxan Sauvage Dior is a more complex perfume than Aromatic Star Anise. It is a combination of citrus, amber, as well as woody notes. This scent is perfect for men. This masculine fragrance is classic and elegant. The Dior Sauvage perfume has been called many things, including Dossier. Aromatic Star Anise, the Dossier version. The two scents are very similar but there are subtle differences that you should be aware of.


Woody accords

Sauvage Dior Dossier.Co woody notes are one of its most distinct. It opens with a mix of tobacco and blond leaves. The heart note is composed of dry fruits, rum, pink pepper, and a mixture of tobacco leaves. Labdanum, cedar, and vetiver are the woody base notes. Sauvage’s woody notes can last for several hours and do not discriminate by gender. It’s not too strong and can be worn all day.



Sauvage Dior is a clone of the Sauvage Dior Dossier.Co. The same intense, spicier notes are present in the opening but it is less intense. Instead, the clone opens with Geranium and lavender and closes with patchouli and amber wood. These scents don’t contain musk and last less time than the original. The Aromatic Star anise clone contains similar herbal notes and rare ambergris.

Many brands have tried to copy the iconic original Sauvage scent. Original Sauvage has a lot of aromatic and fresh spices. It also contains notes of patchouli and lavender. Labdanum, cedar, and vetiver are the base notes. Dior’s Sauvage is a classic masculine fragrance that is elegant and refined.

The Sauvage Dior dossier gives a complete overview of the company’s products. This book contains a wealth of information, including information about the Dior designers and fascinating insights into Dior’s creative process. The Sauvage Dior Dossier.Co is a must-have for perfume and cologne lovers. Before you buy a cologne, make sure you know what your skin is sensitive to.

It contains rare ingredients that make strong masculine fragrances. This unique perfume is very special. Its composition is inspired by the desert sun, and wild, ozone-blue sky. Johnny Depp is Dior Sauvage’s brand ambassador. Johnny Depp is the perfume’s endorser. Fragrantica Trends reports that the brand is growing in popularity online. offers interesting daily articles.


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