Dorohedoro Season 2 Latest Update

Dorohedoro Season 2

Season 1 of Dorohedoro was a huge success and fans are eagerly waiting for Dorohedoro Season 2. It was among the most popular shows of the last year and garnered lots of praise from critics and fans alike. Many viewers described the anime as addicting, and they’re now waiting to see the sequel. What’s the date when this second episode of the show returns to the screens? Here is the most up-to-date information.

Dorohedoro is the name of a Japanese dark-fantasy action series. It is a remake of Q Hayashida’s manga of the identical name. MAPPA studio produced the very first episode of this cult shows that debuted on the 13th of January, 2020. The series was broadcast for 18 episodes, of which six were OVAs. The finale was viewed by fans of the initial installment on March 30th in 2020.


Manga Compared To The Anime!

The initial season of the anime was pretty exactly like the manga. There were some chapters that were skipped but it didn’t change the story of the show. The style of art of the manga, as well as the anime, differs a bit. This was the only distinction between the comic and the anime adaptation. The initial episode of the series incorporated all the chapters from the original manga. That’s right, it took in the material until the 8th volume. There are 23 manga books in the series.

Therefore, MAPPA still has plenty of material to utilize to make Dorohedoro Season. They could easily create the third season and also use the remaining materials from the source.


Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date and Time

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release date
Dorohedoro Season 2 Release date

Dorohedoro season 2 isn’t yet officially made public by MAPPA however, we can expect that the show will be renewed soon. There is a good chance that the show will be granted an extension since the first season gained an impressive level of popularity and has become a fan of choice immediately after its release in 2020. The show will be re-aired on Netflix in the event that it gets approval for a new season, but prior to that, the premiere will be held in Japan with Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS Channel.

Fans are now hoping for a new season that will reveal more adventures of Caiman along with his companion Nikaido. The next season is expected to be much more entertaining than the previous one since the first season only covered three manga volumes from 24 volumes. In addition, manga copy is only reaching its peak after the anime adaptation. While the creators haven’t released any announcements

However, we can anticipate Dorohedoro Season 2 to premiere sometime in 2023. Season 1 started premiering in 2020 and featured 12 episodes and 6 OVA. The same is the case for season 2. season 2 will also feature 12 episodes, with an average run duration of 23 minutes.


Dorohedoro Season 2 Cast:

The characters of Dorohedoro will likely remain largely the same for a possible season two since it’s still a relatively early point in the story of the manga most likely because we know most of the characters will continue to be introduced later in the story and it’s not a show which actually has many characters dying or anything else. We’re not sure whether we’ll get a second series of this show or if there will be additional films, but if we do, the characters from season 1 will likely be returning (since they’ve returned to film


Dorohedoro Season 2 Plot:

In the last season, “Memories of School Day”, Nikaido reveals to Caiman that she is a secret magician, i.e., a sorcerer. She reveals that her magic is able to alter time, but it has been kept secret because she was once killed through it. She’s been staying in the Hole because her power is highly sought-after by En the Dark, who would like to profit from it. She has promised Caiman to stay friends with him until he returns to normal. She embraces her magic side and vows to defend humanity.

Dorohedoro The second season of Dorohedoro will pick up in the same place that season 1 ended and will see Caiman continuing his quest to find the sorcerer that has caused his reptilian status. Caiman isn’t too far away from finding him, as per the comic. There’s not much info about Caiman his background, and the upcoming season is expected to shed light on his past before the cruise, a little. Additionally, Caiman should finally know who he is and that gag must be put to rest. Cross Eyes were the major antagonists from season one. Dorohedoro Season will feature an entire segment about their source of power and their final goals. Season two will bring more sinister characters and villains to Caiman to take on. The lizard-like head of Caiman has already drawn numerous villains from the Hole and will continue to draw attention to them in the second season as well.

As for shady characters Professor Kasukabe is fascinated by magic, however, the reason behind it isn’t clear, and what his motivation is for why it causes him to be in trouble often. Nikaido was fighting Caiman was mysteriously killed and attacked by an unknown person. It will be interesting to discover who cut her. Could it be Risu? Three realms likely create tension and confusion. The Anime Only fans had issues during season one because the magic was not clearly explained. Season two is expected to provide more answers to questions on how each sorcerer’s magic troll is put into practice. MAPPA is the top-of-the-line for bloody and violent action scenes. If the next season is made, we can anticipate more bloody battles.


Disc Sales And Popularity:

Dorohedoro ranks 414th in Myanimelist’s popularity ranking. This is an above-average rating for an anime that will be released in 2020. A second season looks promising with regard to this ranking. However, these figures could not necessarily reflect how popular the show is. However when we analyze the volume of searches on Google and we can observe similar popularity. It is possible to say the fact that Dorohedoro is more popular than many other renewed anime. Another Netflix show with similar popularity, Beatstars, came to the screen with the second season and was renewed for the third season, too. Additionally, Dorohedoro has better reviews than Beastars on both Myanimelist and IMDb. From this perspective, the possibility of another season of the series is very likely. we can see that even though the manga is finished

However, the team is working on advertising and promotions for the product. A dedicated team is working on this series. However, looking at the number of followers we can tell that the level of popularity in Japan is not as high as the global average. The anime genre is followed by approximately fifty thousand people from Japan If we examine anime that have received approval for new seasons it is possible to claim that we typically get at least twice that amount. But, we believe this is due because Netflix licensed shows aren’t always well-loved in Japan. The series is a success in the world since it’s listed on Netflix. The disc sales for the series were not as expected. Dorohedoro recorded 2781 sales however, it was a difficult year for sales of anime discs. While the sales of discs aren’t the best, however, the Netflix aspect should not be overlooked. Netflix is the exclusive distributor agreement for Dorohedro’s series and this is a positive aspect that will greatly improve the production of the second season. Netflix is known for investing large amounts of money into production.


Dorohedoro Season Trailer :

Dorohedoro Season 2 Trailer
Dorohedoro Season 2 Trailer

After reading the basics and general information about the show, you’ve likely come to the conclusion that there’s an unreleased trailer of the second season of Dorohedoro The reason behind this is quite straightforward. The reason is due to the fact that the season hasn’t even been announced. This implies that production hasn’t begun yet which means there can’t have an official trailer.



Dorohedoro is an oddly enjoyable show that has earned a cult fan following since its initial release. The first season received an enormous response from the fandom, and MAPPA must give us Dorohedoro Season 2. Are you listening, Masao Maruyama-san?


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