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About Anthony Anderson,

Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth is an American actor comedian, actor host of a game show, and writer. He’s been working in the film industry since the 90s and has since become among the world’s most popular comedians. His most memorable parts are from the movies “Kangaroo Jack”, “Me, Myself and Irene”, “The Departed”, and “Transformers”.At the height of his professional career, Anthony was a part of his stand-up comedy “All About the Andersons”. Also, he was a part of “Black-ish” and The Bernie Mac Show”. Since the end of 2014, he’s been an executive producer for the sitcom Black-ish. Alongside being an actor, his name is well-known for his role as the jury member in the reality show “Iron Chef America” and hosting the game show “To Tell the Truth”.


Early Life,

Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth was born on August 15, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anderson was raised within Compton and is a member of Hollywood High School of Performing Arts Magnet’s class of 1988, as well as Howard University. His first venture into stand-up comedy, he described as a “failure” (amusingly, his first performance was at The Comedy Act Theater under the stage name “Tasty Tony, the One and Only, and if there’s another, he’s a phony,” which, as Anderson later told the story resulted in the audience booing at him before he spoke one phrase), Anderson kept at his game and eventually was introduced to an actor by the name of Guy Torry, who would later become an important collaborator during the early stages of his professional career. Despite a large portion of his work being in the field of comedy following his disastrous performance, Anderson has been clear that he doesn’t view himself as comic in the strict sense of the word, but rather being an actor, who frequently performs in the field of comedy.


Personal Life,

Anthony Anderson personal life
Anthony Anderson personal life

The year 1995 was the time he got married to his college sweetheart Alvina. They have two children, Kyra and Nathan, the latter of whom has started acting on his own. He has a role in his own Netflix program Richie Rich. As a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes, Anderson has been involved in various organizations that promote awareness of diabetes. This isn’t the only cause he’s involved in, however: in 2011, Anderson appeared on a celebrity version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for the Alzheimer’s Association, winning $250,000 for the cause.


Real Estate,

Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth home is a Los Angeles, California. He was reported to have purchased the three-bedroom home, with a total of 3,451 square feet, in 2005 for $1.1 million.


Television Career,

Prior to Black-ish Anderson is probably most well recognized for his comedy show All About the Andersons as and The Bernie Mac Show, where he was part of the fifth and final season. His work on television has included a leading role in the popular teen show Hang Time, in which Anderson played Teddy Broadis. Anderson has played a variety of guest roles on TV shows, including NYPD Blue, Malcolm & Eddie, In the House, and Ally McBeal among others, to mention several. The year 2008 saw Anderson was added to the cast of the long-running NBC crime-themed television show, Law & Order, after having acted in two crime dramas like Fox’s KVILLE and The Shield on FX. The Shield. 

In the year 2014, Anthony received a lead role on the ABC Black-ish series that went on to be one of the biggest hits on the network. He also serves as Executive Producer of the show as you’ll find below, which has greatly boosted his earnings for the show. Anderson has also been seen in two spin-off series of Black-ish, as the family patriarch Andre “Dre” Johnson, Sr. Growing-ish which premiered in the year 2018, and Mixed-ish which premiered in the year 2019. Anderson’s work in the role of one of ABC’s most well-known television dads at ABC has been a constant source of work for other ABC projects. In 2017, he was one of the most famous guest hosts on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Kimmel was on paternity leave. Also, in 2019 he was on the two ABC Live in Front of Studio Audience shows. In 2020, he made his return appearance in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He’s also performed voice-overs for a variety of video games through the years. In 2006, he voiced an alleged heroin dealer for the online game Scarface: The World Is Yours and in the next year, he was featured as Troy Dollar in Def Jam: Icon as Troy Dollar. Then in 2012, he’s been acknowledged for his role in “Monster voices” for the game Diablo III.


Film Career,

Although the majority of Anderson’s most well-known work is on television, he’s participated in a variety of films. His debut film was the movie Liberty Heights in 1999, the same year the actor (and his friend Guy Torry) appeared in the film starring Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy’s Life. He was a small part of various high-profile movies over the next few years which included Big Momma’s House (also with Martin Lawrence), Me, Myself & Irene with Jim Carrey, and Barbershop with Ice Cube. Anderson also had a regular role in two more installments of the Scary Movie franchise, appearing in Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4 as the character of Mahalik.

A few years later, after Scary Movie 4 Anderson was included in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and went into films like Michael Bay’s Transformers and The Scream 4, Wes Craven’s Scream 4, and 2016’s late Barbershop sequel Barbershop: The Next Cut. After the success of Black-ish, Anderson’s film work has slowed somewhat but has not by any ever ending He was a part of Small Town Crime, a 2017 thriller about crime. Small Town Crime, did voice acting in the animated films 2017 The Star, as well as Ferdinand and, in the year 2019 Anderson, was a part of the movie Beats that debuted on Netflix. Anderson additionally has at minimum one directorial credit for a short film he made by the Responsibility Project, which aired on the television show In the House in 2009.


How Did Anthony Anderson Get So Rich?

The comedian’s success was a result of his highly praised performance in the classic 2000 films “Me, Myself, and Irene” and “Big Momma’s House”. The two films not only became the greatest comedy films but also earned an impressive box office. They made 174 million dollars and $149 million respectively. There isn’t a button that I switch on. It’s an acting career. That’s my job.

Because of his performance in both films, Anderson was able to get roles in many more films. In the following year, Anderson starred in five films – “See Spot Run”, “Exit Wounds”, “Kingdom Come”, “2 Can Play That Game”, and “3 Strikes.” Other notable comedy films from the 2000s that helped Anderson make a fortune included “Kangaroo Jack”, “Scary Movie 3”, “My Baby’s Dady” as well as “The Departed” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

He joked, “Leo couldn’t deliver Mr. Martin Scorsese his Oscar with ‘The Aviator’, but I will go on record to say I will do so in ‘The Departed’.”Long before he took part in the final installment of “Scary Movie”, in 2005, it was revealed the actor’s annual income surpassed an estimated $5 million. 

Simultaneously working on comedies, he continued to star in a lot of television series. In 2003, Anderson starred in his very own sitcom called “All About the Andersons”. The show lasted only a few episodes and began airing at The WB in September 2003 and ended in February 2004.”It’s all it takes is to open the page, and whatever’s printed on it is what I’m here for. Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth Despite not being a commercial hit the sitcom he was in garnered millions of viewers, and increased his fortune and Jet Li beat me up the most, and yet Steven Seagal can still kick an excellent butt. It’s a different style of kick, though. Romeo Must Die was the first film that allowed me to simply be an actor in Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth.



When Anderson purchased the Mercedes Maybach for nearly $200,000 Anderson wrote about the purchase in a piece published by The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. According to the story Anderson had no reservations regarding spending this much on a car: “My Maybach’s sticker price of around $198,000 didn’t discourage me at all. The car was something I was entitled to. This is an enormous improvement for me. I am sure that I would have a great time if my own younger self was proud of me for my accomplishments and applaud my efforts If he or she were to meet me today.”


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